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“I love my infrared sauna. I was suffering from a myriad of health issues and after a few sessions and my body adjusting to the detox, I feel amazing.  The service offered was outstanding from order to install.  Thank you to the team over at Wholesale Sauna Direct.”

Rebecca K.,

“While I had to wait a few extra weeks for my sauna to be delivered, I can tell you it was worth the wait.  My wife and I feel energized, are sleeping better and starting to see real results.  I am sold on Infrared.  Best purchase we have made in a long time.  Would highly recommend.”

Marjory and Tim M.,

"I use my sauna daily.  I could not imagine going a day without using it.  Going to the gym, I had to wait and I do not feel it was a a clean environment in the times we are living.  A home unit was my goal and this company made it easy to find the best unit on the market within my price range to fit my health needs and requests.  If you care about health, exercise and wellness, one cannot afford not have a sauna in their house.”

Mary S.,