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Full Spectrum Infrared

Far infrared is the most common type of infrared sauna, but full-spectrum saunas are also available. These range from near, mid, to far-infrared wavelengths. Each type of energy warms your body without heating the air around you and is said to provide a different benefit.

  • Near-infrared combines heat and light therapy, also known as phototherapy, which is absorbed just below the surface of the skin to promote healing and revitalization. It is believed to be best for wound healing and increased immune function.
  • Mid-infrared uses a slightly longer wavelength than near-infrared to penetrate deeper into the body’s tissue to increase circulation, release oxygen, and reach injured areas. This range is said to promote muscle relaxation.
  • Far infrared is the longest wavelength, emitting light in the far-infrared range. Some research suggests this type of wavelength can eliminate toxins, stimulate metabolism, and offer cardiovascular benefits.

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