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Dry Heat Sauna

A dry sauna, commonly knows as a traditional sauna creates dry heat in an entirely different way. The most traditional way is with wood burning in a stove, and water is poured with a ladle from a bucket generally onto the lava rocks above it. This does generate some moisture, but nowhere near the levels of a steam room. The other dry sauna option electric, where an electric stove heats the rocks for an even dryer heat. This is most common in small spaces like apartments or gyms. Saunas have a vent that continually brings fresh air in to limit humidity build up.

Most  dry sauna temperatures will be set between 160 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit, while steam rooms run around 110 or 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the 100 percent humidity keeps your sweat from evaporating, though, steam rooms can often feel even hotter than saunas.

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